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Travel Programs


We can't change the world until we see it!

Educator Travel Programs for Professional Development

Our Educator Travel Programs for Professional Development are designed for the educator who wants to experience cultures and people around the world AND bring that experience back into the classroom.  We partner with a variety of schools and programs all over the world to bring you a high-quality professional experience that is fun and rewarding!

We have language educator specific programs as well as programs for all educators.

All of our teacher programs include a Professional Development certificate for clock hours or continuing education credits and some of our programs include Graduate School credits for an extra fee.

Our Educator Globetrotter programs are designed to be family-friendly so educators can travel with their children!  These programs are also ideal for homeschooling and worldschooling families.

Starting in late 2022 all of our educator travel programs will include a Meta Oculus Quest 2 with included training for your destination and how to use it in the classroom!

Graduate Credits are now available on all of our travel programs!


Private and Student Groups


Even though we are no longer planning student travel programs through LW5S Education, we ARE doing student travel programs for teachers who want to travel with their students!

All of our travel programs can be customized for groups of 6 or more!  If you are a group leader or teacher and see a program you love for your group, feel free to contact us!  

Examples of groups that have signed up for private programs include:

- Student/school groups

-Homeschooling groups

- Family groups

- Educator groups

- Professional groups

- Clubs

- and more!

In addition to what is already included in our packages, our group programs include:

  • Customizable dates for your specific group

  • An information meeting to help promote the program for your specific group.

  • Group sign-up forms for your group.

  • One free travel spot for the group leader/organizer.

  • A designated Global Learning Specialist to enhance the educational experience.

  • Special reservation and payment portal specifically for your group.

  • Changeable or refundable if cancelation due to Covid.

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