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Program Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our program!  Your support means we can continue our mission of ensuring a free and equitable 21st Century education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

All sponsorships are tax-deductible as charitable donations.

Sponsorship Levels

Eiffel Tower


$25 -$99

Your name and/or company name/logo on our Program Sponsor Page on our website, and in our
program guides.



All of the Traveler benefits plus:

Your name, logo, and website link on our program sponsor page, and in our program guides with a QR code.

Blue Map



All of the Traveler and Globetrotter benefits plus:

Your name and logo on the back of our program tee shirts, on the back cover of the workbooks, and a half-page ad of your design inside the program guides.

Global Citizen

$1000 - $4999

All the Traveler, Globetrotter, and Explorer benefits plus:

Full-page ad in our travel program guides, your logo on the cover of our workbooks, blog article or video about your business on our website, a special gift from Senegal your logo, and website in our cookbook with a QR code, your logo on one of our program tee-shirts.

Passport Covers

21st Century Education Advocate

$5000 and above

All the Traveler, Globetrotter, Explorer and Global Citizen benefits plus:

Your business name and logo on a plaque in our Centers for Global Learning and 21st Century Education School in Senegal.

Special school reports

Brochures/marketing materials in all the participant welcome bags

A special video message from our students in Senegal who attend our school.

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