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Making the World Your Classroom- The Book

Projected for 2022

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Olà!

I'm Elizabeth Porter!  I am a French teacher, linguist, author, public speaker, and I have a passion for Global Citizenship Education.  I specialize in linguistic and Global Citizenship education and four years ago I started a nonprofit online school called Bon Voyage World Languages Academy with the mission of fostering open minds and compassionate hearts through high quality linguistic and Global Citizenship Education.  At Bon Voyage we teach languages but we also strive to connect humans to each other with the goal of educating, eliminating fear, and promoting diversity in our own communities and throughout the world.

For the past two years, I have been working on a book on "Making the World Your Classroom" in order to promote travel as part of a child's development, the importance of development in the brain, and sharing my story with "world schooling" my children.  This is a project that has taken tremendous research and is very near and dear to my heart. 

What We Need & What You Get

In the time I have been working on this particular project, I have also written and published two other books.  This project has taken so long because of the amount of research it takes to write it.  The research is field-based, for the most part, and immersive.  Here is what I am asking and why I am asking for funding.  

  • I am seeking $20,000 to finish this project. 

    • It costs about $10,000 to publish the book itself including editing, formatting, and printing author copies.

    • I need to fund the last research trip which will be to Senegal, Africa in order to finish writing the last part of the book.  The research is "field" type research and extremely experiential.  It requires actual connections with humans in the countries we visit and have visited.

  • When you support this project you will get a signed copy of the book at every level.  

  • There will also be chances to get your name in the book on the "acknowledgments" page as well as on my website, and mentions on social media and on my podcast!

  • If I do not reach my entire goal, I will definitely still put the funds towards the last research project and I will still write and publish the book, it just may take me longer than my projected deadline. of December 2021.

  • If I make over my goal, I will use it to provide scholarships to students in my school's Global Citizenship Education program so they can travel to connect with other humans across the globe and I will make donations to Black Lives Matter.

  • I will donate all book profits in the first 6 months to the UNESCO Children's Fund and Black Lives Matter.

The Impact

Linguistic and Global Citizenship Education is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, as well as a passion.  I believe wholeheartedly that many of the world's problems can be solved by simply seeking to connect with each other and understand each other.  We may not believe the same way and that is OK!  The world is more beautiful because humans are so diverse. I believe that when people travel with the intent to connect- not just travel to see sights- but really connect with others, so much hate is fear can be eliminated.  Currently, I give workshops on this topic however, I have been working on making it into a book.

  • Our world is becoming increasingly global and interconnected and yet we have had huge setbacks in the surprise in racism and Nationalistic viewpoints all over the world, but especially in the United States.  Now in light of recent developments, people need to connect with each other more than ever.  We fear what is unknown and different.  Fear feeds hate and I believe 100% that the more we get to know each other, the more we connect with one another and seek to understand, the more we will become more cohesive as human beings.

  • I have successfully traveled with hundreds of students and my own children all over the world and have seen the incredible growth in my students who have spent time abroad with me.   I have seen firsthand what travel can do for a person, how it can change viewpoints, and help students mature in their mindset.  I have seen the beautiful connection and friendships made between people who would not have otherwise met.  

  • People are not born with prejudice, it is taught.  We can teach ourselves and our children another way, a better way, and give them social messages that promote love.

Risks & Challenges

I have already been working on this book for two years and traveling around with both my own children and students in my immersion programs.  The one last bit of research I would like to do for the book would be to research in Africa.  The only challenge I can see in this would be not being able to travel until after COVID restrictions are lifted which would delay finishing the book.  I travel a lot for speaking engagements and school events, and those have hindered my ability to do this last trip for the book.  I have made this my priority in 2021 and will not be participating in some other annual travel in order to make this trip to Africa happen.  

One of the other challenges has been making connections in Africa in order to set up the experiences that make these types of trips possible.  I have spent two years making connections with organizations and individuals in Senegal in order to create a quality program for my research and possibly set up future travel programs for youth in the future.  Most of the challenges associated have been faced and have been solved.  

I am the type of person who never lets an issue get in my way and faces challenges head-on.  I have never let a challenge or risk deter my progress. 

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Get the word out and make some noise about this project!  

  • Use the share tools far and wide

  • Have me come and speak at your event!  Visit my website to see my speaking portfolio at  

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