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Our Leadership Team

LW5S is run by an international team of educators who are committed to our mission of ensuring free and equitable 21st Century Education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.  We are a team of volunteers who are here because we truly believe that education is for everyone and we want to serve students and educators.  Because our team is made up of volunteers, we can put more of our resources towards serving those who need them the most.

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Véronique Laurent

Vichy, France

Director of Business and Human Resources

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Suzi Bewell

York, England

Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Ana Rosales-Ordoñez

Madrid, Spain

Director of Spanish Education 


Angélique Péré

Washington State USA

Director of Funding

Project Manager


Elizabeth Porter

Washington State USA

Dakar, Senegal

Founding Director

Director of International Programs and Bilingual Education

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Ibrahima Mbaye

Dakar, Senegal

Director of Culture


Esmeralda Valdez

Washington State, USA

Director of Finance

Director of Dual Language

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