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Performance Based Learning in the Classroom was an enjoyable insightful way of considering and reconsidering the what and how we do in our classrooms. Elizabeth is extremely competent and knowledgable and I highly recommend spending some time with her!

Full-day and Multi-day Workshops

A full day is 6-8 hours with a lunch break. You can select from any of these listed trainings or you can create a training that works for your organization from the list of Keynotes and Breakouts.

Language with the Five Senses Certification

5 Day Training

Educators who complete this training will receive a Language with the Five Senses Certificate that certifies they have been officially trained in this method. 

This certification is also eligible for teacher clock hours and continuing education credits.** 

This Certification Training Includes: 

  • 90-minute pre-training planning with group organizer over the phone or video chat 

  • Language with the Five Senses Workshop- 1/2 day 

  • Language and Learning in the Brain- 1/2 day 

  • Global Citizenship Education, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Decolonizing Your Curriculum- 1 day 

  • Performance-Based Learning - 1 day 

  • Making the World Your Classroom- 1/2 day 

  • Teaching Vocabulary for Fluency- 1/2 day 

  •  Music in the L2 Classroom- 1/2 day 

  • Cooking and Culture - 1/2 day 

  • Literacy in the L2- 1/2 day 

  • Playing with Language- 1/2 day 

  • Let’s Get Talking!- 1/2 day 

  • Professional Development certificate


Online Teaching Workshop

5 Day Training

Making the leap from in-person teaching to online teaching can be exciting but also a bit daunting. This workshop gives teachers the tools and skills needed to teach highly effective, synchronous and asynchronous lessons and foster a trusting and culturally responsive learning partnership between teachers, students, and families 

This Certification Training Includes

  • 90-minute pre-training planning with group organizer over the phone, video chat, or in person 

  • Neuroplasticity and Neurodiversity (How the Brain Learns)- 1/2 day 

  • Growth Mindset and Setting SMART goals-1/2 day 

  • Performance Based Learning for the online classroom- 1 day 

  • Fostering trusting and culturally responsive relationships in the online classroom - 1 day 

  • Setting up your LMS (Canvas and Google Classroom are examples) - 1/2 day 

  • Engaging tools and lessons for Synchronous online classes- and Classkick training - 1/2 day 

  • Planning meaningful and engaging asynchronous lessons - 1/2 day 

  • Bridging synchronous and asynchronous classes for powerful, brain-friendly learning 1/2 day 

  • Ongoing coaching and troubleshooting for teachers who would like one on one help during the school year* 

  • Professional Development certificate 

Your Brain on Culture

Full Day or Two Day Workshop

                            Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social Justice Education, and the brain. 

This workshop includes:

  • Explanation and overview of Culturally Responsive Teaching. 

  • Lessons on how the brain learns.

• Explanation and overview of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) as defined by the UNESCO. 

• Overview of the Global Citizenship Standards and Competencies set forth by the UNESCO. 

• Trust and validation relationship-building activities between teachers and students and how these affect the release of Oxytocin and Dopamine in the brain. 

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Decolonizing Your Curriculum

  • Social Justice in Education

• Activities that explore the teacher’s own cultural identity, values, and inherent bias. 

• Practical and engaging activities for the classroom that teach GCE and cultural empathy and validation. 

• Strategies to easily extend GCE beyond the classroom.

  • Professional Development Certificate

Note- this talk can be adapted for training in workplaces, groups, and other non-education settings. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.49.21

The World is Our Classroom

Full Day or Two Day Workshop


People are increasingly incorporating travel into their personal growth, professional development, and education.  Human brains are wired for connection and travel is a way that humans can expand their connections with people from all over the world.  Travel also has incredible benefits to the brain, including increasing executive functioning, empathy, and higher-order thinking skills.  Children especially see increased benefits in the brain when travel and global experiences are made part of their education.

This workshop includes:

  • The effects of travel, global connections, and cultural experiences on the brain.

  • Debunking the myths of International Travel 

  • Traveling for cheap or free as an educator

• Fostering an "Intent to Connect"

• Country studies and experiences in your own community that promote cultural experience and global mindedness.

• Finding the right travel programs for your students/family ​

• How to plan your own travel with children/students from concept to carry out and how to make this a PBL simulated project.

  • Specific strategies for bringing your own international experiences into the classroom. 

  • Specific strategies for creating a global-minded and culturally responsive classroom.

  • Professional Development Certificate

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